Shvilim 4X4 Ltd. was established in 2005 by Yoav Kaveh, a former automotive journalist for the leading newspapers in Israel and publisher of travel and off-road guidance books.
Shvilim 4X4 Ltd. is currently one of the leading companies in Israel in guided field trips and off-road driving training.

The company employs more than 20 guides and puts out 8-10 different activities every weekend.
We take care of safety and nature conservation. Our trips cater not only for beautiful scenery but cultural and social values as well. They are  rich in explanations and content and provide a complete and unique experience of the land.

Shvilim takes self-driving trips to a number of selected destinations around the world: Armenia, Namibia, Kirghistan and more.
Shvilim is the operator of the official Land Rover club in Israel.

Yoav Kaveh the Founder and CEO of Shvilim, has published five off-road trails books and driving guide books. They are all bestsellers in Israel.

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